K-4 are a group of rambunctious renegade assassins composed of traces themselves. As C-grade killers they each take on extensive yet challenging erasure missions to hone each of thier respective abilities as well as earn good money doing so. The team are also huge fans of the world's most infamous Killer Morrie Noah Jin having followed his Super Assassin exploits since they were striplings. When the Mist Sniper himself showed up to their doorstep and offered them jobs on The Begger Team under his supervision, The teen assassins rejoiced at the opportunity to work along side their idol.


Wong Soong-ih: Simien like trace with a playful if yet highly mischievous persona, recognized as the class clown (and often, punching bag) of the K4. Abilities include enhanced agility, dexterity, flexibility and balance.

Nickname: Circus Monkey.

Dok Soo-ri: The Leader of the K-4's, stern yet raucous in demenor. His power is the levitation, projection and exceptional accuracy with throwing blades hitting marks from over long distance.

Nickname: Gray Talon.

Gang Ah-ji: The quiet one who comes off a feminist when Jin is involved. Able to make portals through the black & white paint secreted from his hands automatically sets him both as a diverse killer and K4's; later The Beggar team's main means of transport.

Nickname: Black & White Hole

Geo Boog-ih: Constantly drowsy and a bit of a messy dresser but by the by a highly dependable member of the group when it counts. As a Trace he has time framed Speed Bursts which require rest intervals to reuse, ironic given his sluggish demeanor.

Nickname: Speed Boom