Character Edit

Kim Tae-Hyun
Han taeHyun
Vital statistics
Name Kim Tae-Hyun
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Abilities Razor Limbs
Further info
First appearance Trace 1.5 Communicator
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Kim Tae-Hyun is minor character in Trace 1.5. He is a hacker and an acquaintance of Han Si-Hyun. His last appearance was when he got caught by Jin for trying to find the location of Kim Yun-seong.

Story Edit

At the request of Han Si-Hyun, Tae-Hyun tried to hack into Hanjo in order to find the location of Kim Yun-seong. After killing the Trouble who attacked Han Si-Hyun, Kim Tae-Hyun and Han Si-Hyun end up having an argument about whether a human can really communicate with a Trouble. Feeling guilty about killing the Trouble, Tae-Hyun hack deeper into Hanjo which lead him to get capture by Jin.

Power Edit

Tae-Hyun's abilities work around limb transformation and centrifugal force, he can morph his arms and legs into spiraling lances which he can use to goer and perforate solid concrete with.

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