Lee Kin Soo
NIS Director
Vital statistics
Name Lee Kin Soo
Species Trace
Aliases Major Lee
Base of operations NIS Headquarters
Group affiliation(s) National Investigation Service
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Chocolate Brown
Eye color Blue
Abilities Trouble Detection
Visual Teleportation
Weapons Knife
Enemies Han Si-Hyun
Further info
First appearance Trace 1.5 Communicator
See also Trace 2.0 Armor Line
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Director Lee Kin Soo was the Jr. Director of the National investigation Service who was secretly a late night serial killer who used his position to cover up his heinous crimes.

Biography Edit

Character Edit

Lee Kin-Soo is the son of the Director of the NIS. Despite his normal and calm appearence, Lee Kin-Soo find joy in killing people. Going as far as to disguise as Kim Yun-seong in order to kill without being blamed.

Story Edit

Lee Kin-Soo was the person to indicate that Kim Yun-seong became a Trouble for a moment during his transformation on The Last Day. In Trace 1.5, Lee Kin-Soo always appear to go against Han-Si-Hyun idea of taming and communicating with Troubles. Being the sone to the NIS director he seemed to have particular leeway into the affairs of the operation itself, while working under it however he and his retainer Min Young, who would secretly cover up his escapades, would moonlight as a serial murderer who went about at night killing humans and troubles alike to satisfy his demented cravings.

When the subordinate initially found out about it and confronted him in his Yun Seong disguise, they fought for a brief moment before she voiced ascertaining his true identity. Back in the office the next day they went over the reasoning behind his opposition to Si-Hyun's trouble communication initiative while still opting to not eradicate them outright, was because he'd lose out on murdering both them and other humans for sport. In this mindset he hopes to find Yun-Seong who he says has had a similar change in himself since The Last Day, wishing to see if he really is like him and to join forces and if not, to kill him on the spot. When asked by Miss Young what is to be done about Han Si-Hyun; Lee confirms when it comes down to it he'll kill him as well.

Power Edit

Lee Kin-Soo has the ability to sense and identity where Troubles are. Having been able to discern that Yun-Seong had become one during the Harmony and Peace event at the last day. In addition to this ability, he also has the power to warp himself and another person up to a few yards away or to whats within his visual radius. This abilities comes from his left eye.