Sun Hee-Ji
Sun Hee-Ji
Vital statistics
Name Sun Hee-Ji
Species Trace
Group affiliation(s) NIS (National Investigation Service)
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Light Brown
Eye color Light Brown
Abilities Fist/Hand Hardening
Allies Han Si-Hyun
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Secretary to Si-Hyun of the National Investigation Service, often having to act as his handler as well due to how weak willed he is much to her annoyance.

Biography Edit

Character Edit

Miss Sun is a stern character who acts as a doting if not harsh coach to her superior within the NIS. She's prone to angry outbursts and has a tendency to use her trace power when her emotions begin to flare up, she's also pretty sensitive about her weight.

Story Edit

Power Edit

Hee-Ji can cencase her hands in a circuit like metallic coating that increases her punching ability enough to shatter a wall barehanded.