Vital statistics
Name Timber
Species Trace
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Turquoise
Abilities Blade Generation
Weapons Razor Blade Protrusion
Relatives (Sister)


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Timber is the leader and father figure like of a group of runaways; consisting of himself, Dambi & Shikeo. Once upon a time he was an assassin of considerable skill in his father's organization of killers and killer traces, his ability to protrude blades from his body plus his natural killers instinct made him one of the best. Yet due to unknown reasons he gained an immense case of haemophobia which used to cripple him with paralysis due to an immense trauma suffered in his past and now he doesn't kill or shed blood at all anymore trying to avoid murder at all costs, even against a mysterious trouble which follows him and his group everywhere they go. Though normally an aloof person with an attitude he honestly cares for both of his traveling charges seeing them as a surrogate family for the old one he had left behind.